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On 7/1/12 10:50 AM, wrote:
Enrico Colombini <> [12-07-01 19:44]:
On 01/07/2012 19.15, Pierre-Yves Gérardy wrote:
I actually set my French keyboard to US qwerty to mitigate this type
of problem. A lot of software designed for programmers completely
ignore non US layouts (keyboard shortcuts are a common problem).

I still make mistakes from time to time, but I've mostly muscle
memorized the layout.

Also, typing programming symbols with non-US layouts can be a big
annoyance. So I do the same.



slightly offtopic: If you want the real geek feeling look for
an IBM model M keyboard with US layout from around 1985-1987 in
good condition and typing become real fun ;)
These are real masterpieces of keyboards and last forever! ;)
Use the international layout for that keyboard and local
"special" charcters like üßöä in my case are no problem.

Only my two cents...your keyboard may ary... ;))

Best regards,

Oh, and it does not block they keys when playing Star Control II with someone else. Okay, that was wayyy of topic :)