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I tried your application.
Essentially, I found the idea and the implementation good, although I
prefer Cygwin as an advanced shell.
I didn't know that it was possible to replace the prompt mechanism of
CMD.exe using "Command Processor" registry key.
There is however a (big) bug that makes Clink unusable for me : it is
impossible on my computer to type the backslash character \, as well
as those: { } @ # [ ] ~
To be precise, all characters composed with "Alt Gr" key are
inaccessible, and on Swiss keyboards that key is used for important
programming characters.
This is not an issue in Clink itself, but in Readline port for
Windows. I have seen the same problem in other programs using Readline
on Windows.
To be honest, that it even the reason I tried out Clink, to see if
someone finally managed to have a bug free Readline library (answer:
Does anybody knows a way to work around that bug (without changing the
keyboard mapping to US English) ?