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Hello Paul
Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for developing ZeroBrane Studio, it's already a great tool, very impressive piece of work ! 
The static code analysis tool is very neat, I have been using strict.lua recently to clean up my code but it was a little frustrating as it only finds errors at runtime and you have to explore all code paths to spot every mistake. A static analysis tool is a much better solution for me.
I have just downloaded your lastest version, I could get the CTRL-T to show variables in the tooltip as I was debugging, but I couldnt get the click method you mentioned to do the same thing. Maybe I am doing something stupid , is it single left click, right click ?  Hovering over the variable would be really nice, but thats probably the hardest to implement ?
A few other things that crossed my mind as I was having an initial play with ZB Studio. They are all pretty obvious stuff, but I will mention them anyways
1) Would be nice to dock the floating Stack and Watch Windows into the lower pane. Maybe I have been using MS Visual Studio for too long :)
2) I have been using Scite for a fair time so switching over to new key sequences would prove painful. I have CTRL-Q ingrained now for comment toggle not CTRL-U. Could you add a feature to externalise the key mappings so you could edit a file to change the mappings ?
3) Scite has a nice feature that allows you to define your own API intellisense. You type in your first few letters and hit CTRL-SPACE and it brings up a drop down menu of all your matching functions. Also you then type the opening bracket of your function and it shows you the parameters of that function. I havent tried your Love2d intellisense system but I am guessing it gives almost the same functionality as I have just described. So maybe it is already possible to create a user specific system by editing a config file ?  If not, it would be really nice to make that a more generic system than just for Love2d.
4) To add a variable into the watch window, I kept highlighting and right clicking on the variable and expecting to see an option to add it to the watch window. That would be really handy feature to add. 
5) Code snippets is a nice feature to add, I use it a lot in Scite
You know the sort of thing
add the following to a snippets config file

fi=for i,v in ipairs(|) do\n\
    print(k, v)\n\
Then I just type  "fi" CTRL-B and it pastes the above code and sets the cursor position inside the pairs brackets
Apologies for suggesting lots more work for you :)
Regards Jeff

> From:
> Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 13:10:50 +0200
> To:
> Subject: Re: ANN: ZeroBrane Studio IDE v0.30; now with stack/variable information and love2d support
> On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 7:42 AM, Paul K <> wrote:
> > This is strange; I haven't seen this on MacOS (and definitely not on
> > windows). Will need to find a linux box.
> Alternatively, you could use a VM. Virtualbox and Ubuntu are very easy
> to set up.
> Also: thanks for Zerobrane. Very cool project.
> -- Pierre-Yves