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On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Paul K <> wrote:
> If you are asking about MobDebug, it's already portable as it's a Lua
> only module and doesn't have any windows specific features.
> If you are asking about ZeroBrane Studio, I started work on MacOS port
> ( It is

yes, i see that my comment would be more appropriate on the zerobrane thread :-)

> expected to be included in the next version. The linux version is
> likely to follow, but with the most recent version you should be able
> to run it on linux with very little additional work. If you have lua,
> luaSocket, and wxwidgets installed (such that require "wx" works), you
> can try running:

aha, that wx.dll is from luaforwindows, right? that means it's wxLua?
if these are the biggest requirements, seems a good chance that it
should work with just some banging around.  i'll give it a spin