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MobDebug is a remote debugger for Lua. Since this is the first
announcement on this maillist, here is some background. It's largely
based on Remdebug, but provides a number of new features and
improvements over the original debugger:

- added new commands: LOAD, RELOAD, OUT
- added support for MoSync clients ( using
MobileLua (
- added support for debugging wxwidgets applications
- tested integration with ZeroBrane Studio IDE and Estrela editor
- removed dependency on LuaFileSystem
- added ability to pause and abort running applications
- added pretty printing and handling of multiple results in EXEC
- added stack and local/upvalue value reporting (STACK)
- fixed several bugs
- distributed as one file with easy to use interface: server side
(require("mobdebug").listen()) and client side

It has been used/tested as part of ZeroBrane Studio for the last 8
months. The most recent version added several bugfixes, support for
LuJIT clients and debugging love2d applications. The module is on
github (; the screencast
showing some of the debugging features is posted here