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> There are a number of people who wants to have Lua 5.2 features while
> still keeping Lua 5.1 (this is by far not the first such request) !
> Come on, you have to make a choice. Either you want new features and
> upgrade to 5.2, or need stability and stay at 5.1
> Backporting features does not make sense to me, and would be very
> difficult to explain clearly in the documentation.
> I like the fact that a Lua version (say 5.1) is associated with one
> documentation and one API.
> Lua release numbers (5.1.1, 5.1.2, etc) should remain bug fixes only
> as they currently are.

I might personally be confusing features and bug fixes, but I consider the lack of re-entrancy in such vital functions as rather a bug than a lack of a feature.

I don't mind Lua and LuaJIT splitting. Moreover, it's natural since it would have been a nightmare for Mike trying to walk the same way.
I will be considering adapting my projects to support Lua 5.2 in the future. I did thorough coding so it won't be hard in the sense of API.

But, what I really do mind is stopping the support for Lua 5.1 backporting vital error fixes found while developing Lua 5.2. That's it. I understand it could be difficult and time consuming particularly for the Lua project. So, I can get over it looking at Lua 5.2 in the future. But, it seems vital for the LuaJIT project since it will never inherit those kind of bug fixes entirely by inheriting the Lua 5.2 codebase. Thus, it is going to be a hard work cherry-picking each of them one by one.

// Seny