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True. I was talking about Lua 5.1. It would be great if these changes could be backported. LuaJIT is not going to support Lua 5.2 in recent future, thus a program which links with either Lua or LuaJIT could benefit from the both equally and symmetrically.

On Jun 27, 2012, at 22:37, Daurnimator wrote:

> On 28 June 2012 03:31, Arseny Vakhrushev <> wrote:
>> The best way would be to use localtime_r() instead of localtime(). The manual states it is sufficient to check for _POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 1 || _XOPEN_SOURCE || _BSD_SOURCE || _SVID_SOURCE || _POSIX_SOURCE.
> lua 5.2 does.