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On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 10:36:17PM +0200, Patrick Rapin wrote:
> > True. I was talking about Lua 5.1. It would be great if these changes
> > could be backported.
> There are a number of people who wants to have Lua 5.2 features while
> still keeping Lua 5.1 (this is by far not the first such request) !

It seems to me that people don't so much want to keep using Lua 5.1, as they
want to keep using LuaJIT. But those people have a real dilemma on their
hands, because Mike will never add _ENV, nor apparently the pcallk/yieldk
interfaces, which means the LuaJIT and Lua projects have officially parted

There's no way around this reality. It happened. People need to get over it.
My hypothetical PerlJIT project which compiles Perl 4 is just as much Perl
as LuaJIT is Lua, at this point.

> Come on, you have to make a choice. Either you want new features and
> upgrade to 5.2, or need stability and stay at 5.1
> Backporting features does not make sense to me, and would be very
> difficult to explain clearly in the documentation.
> I like the fact that a Lua version (say 5.1) is associated with one
> documentation and one API.
> Lua release numbers (5.1.1, 5.1.2, etc) should remain bug fixes only
> as they currently are.

I think LuaJIT is more likely to backport small features like this, so the
OP can just settle on LuaJIT.

People just need to stop confusing Lua with LuaJIT. Once they do that they
won't feel like they're being left behind by Lua 5.2.