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Jose <> wrote:
> Can anybody share some insights on which tools to use for mobile
> development (Android and/or iOS):

I've been using MOAI for a few months.

Corona has a more user friendly API and better documentation. It's
also closed source, has parts of Lua removed, can't be extended by
native code, requires submitting your code to their servers to build.
It's nice for rapid prototyping, but a little scary to hitch a
professional venture to given how buttoned down it is.

MOAI's API is a lot more complicated, very heavily factored, targeting
professional developers, and is a lot more powerful. I recently
answered a question on StackOverflow about Corona's text object and
was shocked at how anemic it's interface is compared to MOAI. It's
also a lot faster. The kicker, for me, is that it's open source
Zipline are very responsive to feedback and bug reports. It's been
used to ship some fairly sophisticated 2D games and Double Fine just
chose it for their famously successful kickstarter project
which is just going to improve it further.