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this post is to announce the public release of the SciLua website:

which focuses on Lua(JIT) libraries oriented toward scientific computing.
At the moment only two libraries have been released (as beta):

* Time Library: a library for the manipulation of dates and periods
according to the Gregorian calendar;

* LJSQlite3 Library: a (FFI based) library for interfacing with
SQLite3 databases.

It is my plan to progressively release a number of additional
libraries which I have been working on, among which:

* SciLua Library: a general purpose scientific computing library;

* Rclient Library: a Lua client for the Rserve package of the R
statistical programming language.

In particular, the SciLua library builds up on the experience gained
from working for an extended period on a C++ scientific library (which
I never released).

More details can be found on the website. Please bear in mind that the
libraries and the website are work in progress!

I tried to make reasonable design choices and to write proper
documentation and examples for the libraries to be easy to use.

The website is intended to be understandable by people with limited
programming experience.

Any feedback and questions are appreciated!

Thank you