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Following the conflicting suggestions I have decided for a compromise:
I will make this announcement on the Lua mailing list, while libraries
released in the future will be announced on the LuaJIT mailing list

I have created a website for the libraries, so the interested users
can check it up from time to time without having to subscribe to the
LuaJIT if they are not willing to do so.

Another reason for making the announcement here, is that the Time
library (see my next post) could be made to work on Lua 5.1/5.2 as
well with relative ease (aside from the UTC and local time
This would amount in replacing the int64_t representation with two Lua
numbers: one for periods up to 1 day and one for the number of days. I
guess much of the code could stay the same.
The reason I have not implemented this yet is that I don't want to
spend efforts on something that may not be of use to anyone.

More in general, it is my plan to write all the not-binding libraries
in Lua only which makes them potentially convertible (with some
effort) to Lua 5.1/5.2 by avoiding the use of the FFI library (cdata
Whether there would be interest for this I really don't know.

I will make the announcement in my next post.


On 20 June 2012 22:32, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 2:23 PM, Stefano <> wrote:
>> But I wanted to check that there were no persons (potentially)
>> interested that were not subscribed to the LuaJIT list.
> I'm not on the luajit list. We use luajit a bit, but since our code is
> network bound, not cpu-bound, it doesn't do much for us.
> If there was a library we wanted to use that required luajit, we'd use
> luajit. I think announcements would be better on the lua list, and
> can't see anyone being annoyed.
> Cheers,
> Sam