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hi, my name is david and this is my first post, so i do aplogize if i am doing something lame....
and yeah, i know to use 'Lua' and not 'lua' and not 'LUA', lol i already made that mistake

there is a feature called Edit and Continue.
if i am running a program in the debugger, i am able to modify the code of a function while in the debugger.
both Visual Basic for Visual Studio and Visual Basic for Applications can do that. in fact, VBA can modify a function while the debugger is debugging that specific function.

as you can imagine this approach enables me to build program 'on-the'fly', i can learn iup without having to stop the program, change the code, debug, fix the issue, run the program again, debug it again, and over and over.

so with Lua, i need that same functionality.
i am trying to learn Lua and IUP.
for example, lets say i have used the following code:

ml = iup.multiline{expand="YES", value="I ignore the 'g' key!", border="YES"}

ml.action = "" c, after)
   if c == iup.K_g then
     return iup.IGNORE
    return iup.DEFAULT;

dlg = iup.dialog{ml; title="IupMultiline", size="QUARTERxQUARTER"}

if (iup.MainLoopLevel()==0) then

i would like to be able to change that ml.action while the program is being debugged.
i was not able to get that to work.
so i tried to place that ml.action in another lua file name second.lua.
to the main program i added a require('second') to that other .lua file.
if i change the code in the code in second.lua, while the debugger is active, i have the same problem.

i would like to switch from VB to Lua, i am loving Lua!
this is the only real issue i need to resolve.
thanks in advance,