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This is how I grew up back in Bulgaria.

Actually a lot of our kid movies, were about kids roaming the streets while their parents were at the beach, or doing shopping, etc.

Well I also did the shopping too, did no mind buying cigarettes or beer for my granddady. After all I got the empty bottles then, and was able to get me some money.

When I was 5 and my cousin 6, we took a trip one morning from one of the beach cities down to my home town (20-25km) - it was because I wanted my plastic truck from my grandma/granddad.

I can't imagine even thinking about this, here in US.

Anyway, what I remember was that I did had a lot of respect to all grown-ups. Yes, there was far more slapping than nowadays (zero-policy), but I was bit afraid of them (not afraid as in scared, but afraid of doing bad things, as the grownups would see this and scorn me).

There is nothing like this now... And to finish my off-topic, here is a nice picture explaining part of the problem (safe):

On 6/18/2012 9:24 AM, Gavin Wraith wrote:
In message <> you wrote:

(No, it is not off-topic.)

Thank you, Roberto, for the URL to a charming and wise article. I am
now 73 years old and when I was small the custom to leave children
to their own devices was more prevalent than it is today. My heart
sinks when I see children being organized by adults, usually more
foolish than themselves. Infantilization by the media is probably
government policy in many parts of the world (e.g. the Olympics).

As to being off-topic ... I did read, perfunctorily, a certain message
on Lua-list recently, containing a number of queries. I decided neither
to reply nor to read any of the follow-ups, as the prognosis for anything
constructive seemed slight. Whether I was correct I shall not ask.
As Cicero said, multa tacui.