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I use AdvMemo from TMS software (Delphi component).

Don't think that's the editor, but I will test this possibility tomorrow


2012/6/18 Peng Zhicheng <>
于 2012-6-18 20:24, Olivier Baumgartner 写道:

with one | in a comment, the script compile right and seems to execute right
With two | in a comment, the script not compile
With several | in my script (where I discover the bug) the script is not stable : compile or not depending of blanks line at end, last function called at end of script not called (I have a hook that display executed line in my editor, the script end before the last function)
Best regards

Le 18 juin 2012 14:09, "Alex Queiroz" <> a écrit :

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 2:08 PM, Olivier Baumgartner
<> wrote:
> Hi
> It seems having a bug if I use the | character twice in a comment ?

Can you tell what exactly happens?


Well, it was really interesting, but I have never encountered such problems.
I suspect that your editor is broken in some way. try some other editors and see if the problem still exists.
or try use a editor that support hex mode to see if there were some unprintable characters
in your source code, which might make the parser choke.

best regards.