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On 19 June 2012 00:24, Patrick Masotta <> wrote:
> >(and you're really putting very little intellectual energy into it).
> your personal opinion is laughable; I have given all my reasons for every
> single point I’ve made.
> >You call people blind fanatics and yet you keep debating them as if
> > expecting any >enlightenment to come from fanatics
> I do not think LUA designers are fanatics, most of what I wrote was
> targeting them and not the fanatics giving nonsense for knowledge
> >(double standard + misplaced sense of justice). You talk about respect
> > but you're >disrespecting everyone
> What are talking about?? I haven't isulted anyone here, I have not taught
> drunken gibberish to anyone here...
> get the facts like they are... there are people here that w/o knowing much
> decide to impersonate people with LUA decision power and things like that,
> disrespectful people that confuses LUA professional complains with LUA
> attacks, and the worst ones the ones that sell drawbacks for “features”...
> For all of them I'd recommend to talk about what they know if not just
> hash …

You could write a fork of Lua with zero-based arrays and brackets and
stuff. My suggestion for a name is ‘LUA’.