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On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Patrick Masotta <> wrote:
you making fun of me?
you do not have to teach me to write LUA or Lua, I consider disrespectful you pointing out that to me. You don’t even know if I’m fluent in Portuguese…

That much is true. There were some weak arguments in this thread but that's only because most people know better than reacting to trolls (so there are possibly good arguments we will never hear) and the rest that bit the bait understandably don't want to waste more effort than you're putting into your own side of the debate (and you're really putting very little intellectual energy into it).

Yet I suspect others don't value much what you're saying because your behavior is contradictory to your statements. You call people blind fanatics and yet you keep debating them as if expecting any enlightenment to come from fanatics. At the same time, you find it "unfair" for them to call you a troll (double standard + misplaced sense of justice). You talk about respect but you're disrespecting everyone. It's hard to see a genuine truth seeker past these contradictions, ya know :) Don't get me wrong, I'm all for freedom of speech and all and you were not off topic but I guess you gotta show people some value first if you want value back.