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On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 03:52:49PM -0400, Jay Carlson wrote:
> 0	14012	0	0	14012	36bc
> No, it does not provide enough to write a bidi renderer, but it does characterize each code point as one of 30 classes--and includes toupper/tolower/totitlecase.
> There's still the grapheme problem for å vs å; hopefully you can't tell
> the second is "a".."␣̊". [1]
> How should lpeg match the one with a separate combining mark version
> against character classes?

Normalization. Wrap the lpeg API with routines to normalize input strings.
Without normalization Unicode is almost useless, like comparing apples and
oranges while the user sees plums.

I don't see any normalization routines in slnunicode, though.