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Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson <> writes:
> I've been making a parser with LPeG and I've run into the issue that I can't
> match non-ASCII words even though I'm using a utf8 locale. It seems that
> "alpha" (and "alnum", etc) from lpeg.locale() don't match anything beyond ASCII.
> See the following code:
>     local lpeg = require 'lpeg'
>     local locale = lpeg.locale()
>     print(lpeg.match(lpeg.C(lpeg.P("æ")), "æ"))    --> æ
>     print(lpeg.match(lpeg.C(locale.alpha), "æ"))   --> nil
> Is there an easy way to match non-ASCII alphabetical characters with LPeG?

No -- it's not so hard to parse utf-8 characters, but testing a
property like "alphabetic" requires unicode tables, which are a huge
and bloated dependency.

[See the LPEG home page for a simple example of how to parse utf-8
characters though. ]

> If not, can LPeG be patched to support it?

Very unlikely.


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