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On 17 June 2012 20:52, Jay Carlson <> wrote:
> Only in Lua would this be considered bloated:
> sunk-cost:slnunicode-1.1a nop$ size slnudata.o
> __TEXT  __DATA  __OBJC  others  dec     hex
> 0       14012   0       0       14012   36bc

Bear this comment in mind though (taken from slnudata.c):

* Declarations of Unicode character information tables.  This file is
* automatically generated by the tools/uniParse.tcl script.  Do not
* modify this file by hand.

slnudata.c is actually generated by a script taken from TCL (which has
since been  refactored and updated to support Unicode 6.1). This
script does indeed require the full Unicode tables as input to
generate it's output.

Although to be honest, even the Unicode tables are not really that
"bloated". At least they're not distributed as XML!

-- Craig