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	Hi Leopoldo

3. (to do) To configure the web server - This step requires more
attention. In the configuration file, I did the following changes:

original: # cgi_pattern **.cgi$|**.pl$|**.php$
Changed: cgi_pattern **.cgi$|**.pl$|**.php$|**.cgi$

original: # cgi_interpreter <value>
Changed: cgi_interpreter c:\mongoose\cgilua.cgi
	Sorry, but I don't know anything about this WebServer...

I got an error about something like WSAPI. How far am I to be
successful? If want to run CGI, not FastCGI, are there many
configurations to do?
	You should install a launcher which could be wsapi, wsapi-fcgi
or wsapi-xavante.  They can be installed via LuaRocks also.

CGILua does seem to be hard to use, but the first time always present
something difficulties.
	CGILua is an old technology but it works fine.	Others may prefer
newer approaches like Orbit...