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Hello all,

This is my first message to Lua-list and I hope to learn and later to
share what I have lernt.
I took a look in CGILua. It seems to be very intersting. I would like
to try it, but my experience with web programming is null. For this
reason, I write you to verify the steps I will follow.
1. (done) To install CGILua package - I used Luarocks.
2. (almost done) To choose an web server - I would like to use
Mongoose because it does not require installation and this
characteristic is desirable for me.
3. (to do) To configure the web server - This step requires more
attention. In the configuration file, I did the following changes:

original: # cgi_pattern **.cgi$|**.pl$|**.php$
Changed: cgi_pattern **.cgi$|**.pl$|**.php$|**.cgi$

original: # cgi_interpreter <value>
Changed: cgi_interpreter c:\mongoose\cgilua.cgi

I send you the whole file, but as I know very few about web servers, I
couldn't see other changes.

I got an error about something like WSAPI. How far am I to be
successful? If want to run CGI, not FastCGI, are there many
configurations to do?

CGILua does seem to be hard to use, but the first time always present
something difficulties.

I thank for any contribution.


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