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Quoting Philippe Lhoste (2012-06-13 04:04:36)
>On 12/06/2012 16:42, Tony Finch wrote:
>> Roberto Ierusalimschy<>  wrote:
>>>> Gavin Wraith<>  wrote:
>>>>> On the topic of lpeg I am full of admiration and frustration.
>>>>> I am amazed that nobody (as far as I know) used an abstract datatype
>>>>> for patterns years ago.
>>>> SNOBOL.
>>> Which was the inspiration for LPeg.
>> Also I forgot to mention the rich literature on parser combinators in
>> functional programming languages. PEGs came from Bryan Ford's work on
>> parser combinators for packrat parsers.
>Scala has them, although a bit weak, according to those having used them.
>The Parboiled library, usable from Java and Scala, implements them too, and seems quite 
>powerful. I haven't really tried it yet, but I plan to do it.
>Of course, there are PEG implementations in lot of languages, but not necessarily as first 
>class objects.

Ruby's parslet seems similar too.