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On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 4:32 AM, Glenn Edgar <> wrote:
> I was trying to use peg module.  I could not figure it out.  Are there
> simple complete programs.

I have just added a tutorial to the Wiki:

Just a first draft, and I must fully disclose that I Am Not an Expert.
 Please edit at will.  The example at the end is the complete program
I used to convert the Markdown of the article into Lua wiki markup.
(Due to escaping problems I was unable to mention the magic '{{{' in
code examples, so I edited it to be '[[['.  The conversion program has
bugs, as well, e.g. any mention of '> ' causes the blockquote logic to
kick in)

There's also a fairly old article by Gavin Wraith

Although he uses RiscLua syntax: mentally substitute 'function' for
'\' and 'return' for '==>'.

And the extremely cool notation 'local P,C in lpeg' is short for the
clumsy 'local P,C = lpeg.P, lpeg.C'

steve d.