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On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 12:01 AM, Adrian Perez <> wrote:
> For some more info on this, consider reading the “Windows and the C
> runtime DLLs (msvc*.dll)” section at the BuildingModules page from
> the Lua-users wiki [1].
> Hope this helps :)

Thanks a lot : )

I realized that under quite a few cases msvcr80 ~ msvcr100.dll seems
to be playing nice with each other.
and I've read about solutions to DLL Hell on wikipedia too:
It might be WinSxS so these dlls may co-exist.

Although it is still not very clear to me that why a Lua5.1.dll linked
against msvcr9 or msvcr8 actually can work with luasocket's core.dll
linked against msvcrt.dll, while Lua5.1.dll linked against msvcrt.dll
CANNOT work with Civ5's other dlls linked against msvcr9 ... anyway I
may never know, so I guess I'll resolve this to mere luck/bad luck for
now. : p