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Hi all,

Obviously such a library needs bindings to some GUI toolkit and/or
rendering library, but the question is more this: is there already a
general-purpose plotting library which could be adapted to multiple

That is, it could be used to generate images using LuaGD or using
Cairo, or GDI+, or whatever. With a bit of glue, such a library could
even drive HTML5 Canvas graphics, perhaps via existing JavaScript
libraries like Raphael.

Even if there was something which could be adapted to work on multiple
rendering backends. I know that backends differ in their capabilities,
but that would be the interesting challenge, rather how Windows
printing queries the 'device capabilities' of the actual printing

Working out all the detailed heuristics for calculating axis divisions
and auto-generating legends seems like a good job for Lua, and if it
could be done once, then it would have wide applicability.

steve d.

PS. of course I've done this kind of thing before, but feel reluctant
to dig through loads of old Pascal code...