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On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 12:41 PM,  <> wrote:
> It's unfortunate to have namespace conflicts in such basic stuff as
> posix and curl. It reminds me of JavaScript; it means my app should
> test for == None  and use different code accordingly...

Oh yes, especially posix - that's really basic functionality.  E.g.
because both posixes are in the LuaRocks repository, I cannot make
'lposix' a dependency on a LR module/script without potentially
messing up some script that uses 'luaposix'.

Now in LR previous to 2.0.x, this was resolvable using
luarocks.require - but people found using that all the time to be a
pain and 'not normal' (I know, I was one of them - now I see the

steve d.