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Enrico Tassi wrote:
> You find the doc in
>  /usr/share/doc/liblua5.1-curl-dev/curl.html
>  /usr/share/doc/liblua5.1-curl-dev/README

Ah, yes, that helps.  That means I've got the freepops-luacurl
version.  Does this  page then
documents the non-freepops luacurl ? (I checked the non-freepops
luacurl zipfile and it does seem to mention new and close...)

It's unfortunate to have namespace conflicts in such basic stuff as
posix and curl. It reminds me of JavaScript; it means my app should
test for == None  and use different code accordingly...

Regards,  Peter Billam      (03) 6278 9410
"Was der Meister nicht kann,   vermöcht es der Knabe, hätt er
 ihm immer gehorcht?"   Siegfried to Mime, from Act 1 Scene 2