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 On 2010-10-15 03:06, KHMan wrote:
On 10/15/2010 7:01 AM, dcharno wrote:
On 10/14/2010 01:33 AM, Drake Wilson wrote:
Probably none of these are immediately fatal in isolation (maybe
first), but in combination it makes a very poor first impression.

I wonder what sort of first impression this list's response left
with the recruiter and the his client.

It was posted at a not-so-great time, right when many were over-sensitized. Barrier to "getting into the action" was lowered considerably. The poster should not be discouraged at all, one does need a thick skin on the 'Net. The one posting that mattered, Luiz's, wasn't negative.

So you see people unlurking and getting into the act, also you see stretching of other threads to hammer in their points-of-views. Also, "evil me" posted one reply on the job thing -- this further lowered the threshold of itchy fingers.

Quite predictable, this is classic group dynamics, we are just like big lab rats. A fascinating psychological experiment... :-) (and I do know that again I am inviting more easy attacks by posting this. ;-))

The one posting that mattered was Luiz's??


I've read damn close to every single message on this list for the past 5 years, one might say I'm quite invested in it being kept at a professional level. I rarely post, unless I find a motivated reason to do so, and recruiter-spam of this sort warranted a response that I think is shared by most people reading this list.

What you just wrote is fluff, it doesn't even hint of any level of thought, and is nothing more than what should have been kept for the loitering coworkers by your local coffee oasis.
What am I, or anyone else, supposed to get from comments like that?

Yes, all form of public communication could in one sense or another be classified as group dynamics. And? It's hardly fascinating, most people here are busy with solving or discussing problems, helping, and in general discussing lua, so for someone to participate in said means of communication based solely on the premise of it being an interesting 'psychological experiment'
is degrading to the people actually involved in it..

You even stated you invited yourself to attack, wtf is the point of that??

I'm done with this thread now, the point has been made, and I welcome any -serious- discussion for the proliferation of lua in the work place.