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 On 2010-10-14 04:11, KHMan wrote:
On 10/14/2010 9:56 AM, Donn Dore wrote:
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 17:56:40 +0200
From: Stefan Sandberg

ffs, get off the list!

seriously, is this spam?

The post was not spam, but an honest effort to offer an employment
opportunity to anyone that has LUA skills and an interest in
working on cutting edge consumer electronics products in Redmond,
WA. I was not informed that the scope of the mailing list was only
those things that were of interest to every reader.

I think many people are just over-sensitized.

There has been numerous job postings in the past, nothing wrong about it.

I strongly disagree. has a section on netiquette that is hardly difficult to read, understand nor follow.

"Avoid HTML messages and multipart/alternative MIME messages"
"Send attachments only when they are small"

A big purposeless logo sent multiple times is annoying, especially on a capped 3g connection.

To Donn, Lua is a portuguese word meaning 'Moon', it's not an abbreviation of anything. I have nothing against your ambition, I rather welcome a more prominent presence of lua
in the professional field, but this list is for discussing the lua language,
how to use it, and to help people with problems.

Finally, to the community, wouldn't it serve everyone better if there was a focalpoint on or the wiki
specifically FOR jobs relating to lua?
A place where recruiters and employers could post things of this nature, and where luanoids could
check in for potential jobs?

At the very least it would keep the list for it's intended purposes, rather than cause this every single time.