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Well, LuaDoc requires LuaFileSystem, which in turn is only distributed
as a .git file... ( ).
It appears that you can access the individual files from the web, but
I don't wish to try to "recreate" their distribution, only to find it
doesn't work.

>From just poking around more with the LuaFileSystem, it says that
there is another way to install it and that by using "luarocks", which
in effect makes it another dependency that needs to be installed.

I'm sorry, but it just appears that there is a lot more that I need to
learn, but I wish I could find the time. As I am just a hobbyist, I
should probably just shut up and work with what I can...


On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 7:27 PM, Jim Whitehead II <> wrote:
> Could you possibly elaborate on why you need git? It should be possible to
> get a snapshot of whatever you need without git, depending on the particular
> situation.
> - Jim
> On 5 Oct 2010 00:23, "Mike McGonagle" <> wrote:
>> OK, I know that this is probably not the best thing to do, but it
>> really is one thing that has started to piss me off about a lot of the
>> newer things that I would like to check out...
>> I was looking at LuaDoc today, and it said that there are only two
>> dependencies... OK, yes, directly, there are only two dependencies,
>> but those two dependencies have a few of their one, and one of them is
>> being forced to use "Git". But because I have an older Mac OS X
>> system, I am limited to using G4 code, and so far, all that I have
>> been able to find for the Mac for Git is all on the Intel systems. Or,
>> if I want to use an older system, I have to install the whole MacPorts
>> system.
>> So, now a simple Lua system (or something I thought was simple), has
>> not only the two dependencies it claims, but it also requires that I
>> install Git, which in turn requires that I either upgrade my hardware
>> (which is isn't going to happen), or I install another Port system for
>> Linux (I already have Fink installed).
>> I just wish that there were some simple methods to install these
>> things that were PORTABLE. Yeah, I know, some of you will just tell me
>> that I need to get with the times, but hey, sorry, I don't have the
>> money that you do to buy a new machine ever time a new generation of
>> software comes out.
>> I guess the next machine I should buy is a Linux machine... but that
>> won't happen for a while...
>> Thanks for allowing me to vent...
>> Mike