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Could you possibly elaborate on why you need git? It should be possible to get a snapshot of whatever you need without git, depending on the particular situation.

- Jim

On 5 Oct 2010 00:23, "Mike McGonagle" <> wrote:
> OK, I know that this is probably not the best thing to do, but it
> really is one thing that has started to piss me off about a lot of the
> newer things that I would like to check out...
> I was looking at LuaDoc today, and it said that there are only two
> dependencies... OK, yes, directly, there are only two dependencies,
> but those two dependencies have a few of their one, and one of them is
> being forced to use "Git". But because I have an older Mac OS X
> system, I am limited to using G4 code, and so far, all that I have
> been able to find for the Mac for Git is all on the Intel systems. Or,
> if I want to use an older system, I have to install the whole MacPorts
> system.
> So, now a simple Lua system (or something I thought was simple), has
> not only the two dependencies it claims, but it also requires that I
> install Git, which in turn requires that I either upgrade my hardware
> (which is isn't going to happen), or I install another Port system for
> Linux (I already have Fink installed).
> I just wish that there were some simple methods to install these
> things that were PORTABLE. Yeah, I know, some of you will just tell me
> that I need to get with the times, but hey, sorry, I don't have the
> money that you do to buy a new machine ever time a new generation of
> software comes out.
> I guess the next machine I should buy is a Linux machine... but that
> won't happen for a while...
> Thanks for allowing me to vent...
> Mike