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On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 4:14 AM, Martin Schröder <> wrote:
> And which of these are produced today in relevant quantities?

the most recent 2200 model is 13 years old, that is pretty young for a
mainframe. From a product support standpoint a System/360 seems like a
better way to go, plus it is 32-bit and known to work with Lua.

In my opinion debates about the popularity of an architecture to
dismiss a feature idea is a waste of time, more so than the time spent
implementing the unpopular feature. If Lua doesn't work with funny
word sizes(I never tried it), then people should be encouraged to fork
a version that does. Maybe it never makes it to the main tree, that
depends on all sorts of factors, but being part of the common release
is not the be all and end all of programming.

No feature is too obscure for a dedicated hacker.

- Jon