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On Oct 2, 2010, at 10:58 AM, Leo Razoumov wrote:

> On 2010-09-28, Nilson <> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Someone knows if Lua can be or was used in a platform where the ***
>> int type  *** has less than 16 bits or is not a 8 bits multiple?
> Can you, please,  give an example of a currently produced platform
> with the int type being not a multiple of 8 bits.
> --Leo--

Unisys 2200 series mainframe computers.  36 bit words, 1's complement arithmetic, word-addressable architecture.  Multi-processor and SMP since the early 1970's in the earlier versions of this architecture.  You might argue that Lua isn't likely to be found on this platform, though it supports an ANSI C complier, Java, etc.