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Question is: Will LfW do this in further releases? Removing MSV*.DLL
dependencies in LfW-DLLs would make life much easier.

Yes, that is one of the desired goal.  AGRW

2010/9/29 J.Jørgen von Bargen <>
David Manura <dm.lua <at>> writes:

> which is fine because LuaBitOp doesn't directly need any
> standard library functionality like malloc or printf.

Yes, I'm aware of this (and this was the reason, I wondered about this

> Even if you needed malloc but wanted to avoid the CRT, you could still
> redefine it in terms of Win32 API calls or (more portably)
> lua_newuserdata.

Thats exactly, what I do in my gpx.dll (library to decompress GuitarPro6 files,
another 4kb-dll :-)

> To limit littering the source too much, try linker options like MSVC's
> /NOENTRY & /ENTRY and gcc's -nostdlib, IIRC.

You could put the DllMain into a seperate source file and only compile'n'link
this on windows-platform.

Regards Jørgen