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This is good to know.  I'm creating a new credit course "Scripting for Security"
for IPO Fall 2011 that will feature BASH, Python and Lua (in that order) that I
figured is a useful order if not a logical one.  I'd appreciate any
thoughts from
the group on the subject.
Dick S.

Hi Dick

I think I am qualified to answer this one. Most people on this list are very talented programmers and have been that way for a long time. I starting teaching myself about 4 years ago at 30 years of age and still only program part time. All sorts of mistakes and confusion are fresh in my mind.

This is almost the exact order I learned too. BASH, Python, PHP, Lua, C.

Perhaps you may want to lead off with a discussion of what to use each language for and what can be reused between them. Thinking that the next language would be starting from scratch I wanted to try things like GUI programming in BASH. Now I can also see that regular expressions mostly carry over between languages and that using the wrong tool for the job is harder then adding another language.

Hope this helps-Patrick