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Thanks very much Scott

I am looking forward to learning about your pattern matching library too. Thanks for all your great guidance.

Just a couple more thoughts on the OO thing...

Two things that have stuck in my head. One during Roberto's talk at Stanford, he mentioned that Lua's OO system confounds programmers(or something to this effect) and two, this email thread from last year:

The original poster had said that Lua was a "gateway drug" to Python. I could not disagree with this more. I would not have had a prayer to get this far(which is not so far indeed) with Lua if I did not spend several months with Python first. I think it is a great language but the build your own mechanism thing only works for advanced programmers, as proved by the calibre of the people on this list.

It might be nice to have simpler mechanisms to get your feet wet.

I think there is a kind of unintentional mass misdirection of new programmers on the internet. I spent an enormous amount of time trying to figure out how to put a data driven website together and bought all kinds of book and tore out lots of perfectly good hair. In the end I realized that I could build all my websites from just a few Lua scripts offline and just upload them as static content, no other tools required not even SQLite. The code for this is an utter disgrace but the end products are outranking many other companies with literally >1000X the revenue of mine. Yet there is almost no information on the net about offline database(or Lua table)driven development.

I have had to postpone my screencast series but once I get it finished I am hoping that it will introduce many of these subjects in a simpler manner. PIL is a great book but by page 47 you already hit closures while in learning Python your hit closures at page 321.

There so much power here for me yet to uncover, it's just been a maze to get this far-Patrick