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On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 10:53:10PM -0700, Chris Babcock wrote:
> I'm looking to build a messaging processing system on LuaGravity to support
> 'real time' Diplomacy. Although I put real time in quotes and Diplomacy is a
> turn based strategy game, the design should be robust enough for an MMO. The
> basic purpose of the project is to recycle the business logic of a C
> application and reuse it in an uber-sexy event-oriented framework.
Wow, thanks, now i'm studing LuaGravity. The uber-sexy event-oriented
framework sound really great!
if you need some help tell me. i'm trying to learn about MMO game development.

> The plan is to use a Lua object format as a data manipulation language. Each
> game object running concurrently, whether a game in a multi-game server like
> a Diplomacy judge or a location in an MMO, can use LuaGravity's step
> execution model to run through its own message queue. The data model should
> shard well if needed, it can use Versium to provide whatever storage backend
> is desired and, unlike a relational database, a timing event in this model
> can push game events out into user space where the avatar can notify the
> player.
Versium sound just for me. I can save states (history) ... 

you know some books or good game code with lua? i need more background
here :)


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> Chris
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> On Sep 24, 2010 5:54 PM, "Marcelo Alaniz" <> wrote:
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> Hi all, this is my first mail to this list.
> I'm trying to create an online game like ogame[0]
> I like lua and even more combined with C.
> Anyone know any lua engine for online games? or strategy?
> My idea would be to use an engine if it exists, but begin to develop
> your own. My main problem is that I'm not really into this kind of
> development, but slowly I will learn.
> [0]
> thanks for all.
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