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I'm looking to build a messaging processing system on LuaGravity to support 'real time' Diplomacy. Although I put real time in quotes and Diplomacy is a turn based strategy game, the design should be robust enough for an MMO. The basic purpose of the project is to recycle the business logic of a C application and reuse it in an uber-sexy event-oriented framework.

The plan is to use a Lua object format as a data manipulation language. Each game object running concurrently, whether a game in a multi-game server like a Diplomacy judge or a location in an MMO, can use LuaGravity's step execution model to run through its own message queue. The data model should shard well if needed, it can use Versium to provide whatever storage backend is desired and, unlike a relational database, a timing event in this model can push game events out into user space where the avatar can notify the player.


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On Sep 24, 2010 5:54 PM, "Marcelo Alaniz" <> wrote:

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Hi all, this is my first mail to this list.
I'm trying to create an online game like ogame[0]

I like lua and even more combined with C.

Anyone know any lua engine for online games? or strategy?

My idea would be to use an engine if it exists, but begin to develop
your own. My main problem is that I'm not really into this kind of
development, but slowly I will learn.


thanks for all.
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