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Hello Lua Hackers,

2010年9月14日 20:23:20 UTC+9 David Kastrup <>:
Lua is an imperative language: this tries to fudge
existing control functionality into expressions, inventing a completely
separate syntax not recognizably related.

and/or operators has control functionality, doesn't it?  and/or are logical operators, so it is not necessary to define the order of evaluation arguments ,like arithmetic operators,  but Lua does.
BTW, I think the ternary operator is not necessary in an official Lua.  There is some ideology, and it must be kept.  But, Lua is an embeddable and extendable language, so I will introduce the ternary operator for my project.  If someone wants to use the ternary operator, he/she can try my patch.  I have googled the information of the ternary operator patch, but I couldn't find, so I wrote my patch.  If someone use my patch, I will pleasure. 

Thank you,
Ryota Hirose