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Ryota Hirose <> writes:

> Hello Lua Hackers,
> I fixed my patch for handling local variables or else.  This patch
> can compile various codes.  Is this patch OK?
> BTW, my opinion of discussions:
> Is a ternary operator necessary in Lua?  I think NO for almost Lua
> programmer.  and/or idiom work fine in almost case.  But, it may
> cause a bug which is hard to solve.
> Which syntax is good for ternary operator?   I think ? : is best, but
> : is an oeprator for method calling, so lexer will face ambiguity.

It would appear that nobody has learnt the lesson that C++ got from
grabbing Ada generic syntax (which in Ada is a straightforward and
logical application of constraint syntax) without thinking.  It has made
a messy grammar quite messier.

Lua is not a line noise language.  That's not an invitation for pulling
in the favorite line noise constructs from some other language because
it causes almost no conflicts with preexisting line noise.

David Kastrup