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2010/9/13 steve donovan <>:
> It often works, but I take your point.
> There is scite-debug:
> This works on both sides of the fence - well, at least anywhere where
> SciTE works (so no OS X unless you're a masochist who can get GTK
> working)
> I've been meaning to update this project, since debugging is a very
> important part of the project.

Hi Steve, all,

thank you all for the answers. Actually I see that there are out there
many lua debugger. From my point of view the problem is that they are
not all matures and stable, some lack features, some are not freely
available and in some cases not even published. I see also that some
solutions are tied to some development framework and so their audience
is restricted since the beginning. All these problems creates a lot of
confusions in people that just need a debugger that works and nothing

>From my point of view I will need something with is just like gdb,
that can be used from the terminal or from emacs and I wasn't able to
obtain something good for that use. As far as I understood right now
what I need (and some other people too, I guess) does exists and is
ramdebug. As far as I understood it works. The only minor problem is
that it was developed with debugging running web application in mind
and may be this can complicate its usage as a simple debugger.

I promise I will grab ramdebug install it and understand how to use it
before starting a flame war :-)

scitedebug also looks very interesting, I'm going to test is also.

> There is also luagdb, which is good for people who like Emacs - it can
> step from Lua to C and back. I intend to clean this up and make it
> available as well.

This is really, really great!!! If I had know such a tool existed it
would have simplifid my life a lot because with gdb I was not able to
examinate the lua stack. Thank you for the link.

Otherwise, please understand that my intention was not to start a
flame war or to denigrate the work of the community. I was just
expressing (loudly) my regret that Lua does not come with an official
working debugger. I would like to type

ldb some_program.lua

and having an interactive debugger like gdb, just that.

I'm sure you understood my point.

Best regards,