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On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 11:55 AM, Francesco Abbate
<> wrote:
> The approach of the Lua developers is: we provide just the primitives
> and the community will provide everything else. The problem is that
> they don't seems to remark that this approach doesn't work! :-)

It often works, but I take your point.

There is scite-debug:

This works on both sides of the fence - well, at least anywhere where
SciTE works (so no OS X unless you're a masochist who can get GTK

I've been meaning to update this project, since debugging is a very
important part of the project.

There is also luagdb, which is good for people who like Emacs - it can
step from Lua to C and back. I intend to clean this up and make it
available as well.

steve d