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On 11/09/2010 15.27, Chris Babcock wrote:
The whole thread has been more heat than light almost from the beginning.
I'm sure someone is disappointed that they won't be able to use the
revolutionary JS interpreter they wrote in Lua, but I'd be more interested
knowing about specific apps and development tools.

assumin I correctly understood your question) as development tools you can either user Apple's Xcode (a decent IDE with some quirks) and tools, or just use gcc. I've no experience about the latter on iPhone development, but I suppose the hard part will be code signing, testing and deployment.

Objective-C is a C superset, so compiling Lua should pose no problems.
If you prefer pre-cooked development, there are many application generators around, some of then using Lua.

In any case, you'll need Mac hardware (some people hacked OS X to run it on PCs but, apart from the obvious legal point, I certainly wouldn't use something like that for professional development). In any case, an Apple-oriented list or website would probably be more appropriate and informative about the iWhatever development tools, unless somebody here wrote a Lua library or interface for those devices.