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On 09/11/2010 04:06 PM, Enrico Colombini wrote:
> assumin I correctly understood your question) as development tools you
> can either user Apple's Xcode (a decent IDE with some quirks) and tools,
> or just use gcc. I've no experience about the latter on iPhone
> development, but I suppose the hard part will be code signing, testing
> and deployment.

It's quite easy. You can run stuff on the simulator (w/o eve registering
as an apple developer) or load it directly on the phone.

> Objective-C is a C superset, so compiling Lua should pose no problems.
> If you prefer pre-cooked development, there are many application
> generators around, some of then using Lua.

Corona is pretty if you want to get goinf quickly with Lua on iPhone
fine although, personally, I must say I do not like their graphics API
very much.

> In any case, you'll need Mac hardware (some people hacked OS X to run it
> on PCs but, apart from the obvious legal point, I certainly wouldn't use
> something like that for professional development).

There is no legal issue in Europe (I purchased my copy of OSX and some
parts of Apple EULA clash with local laws/aren't enforceable here).

I run it on an old Dell XPS M1210 and I do do professional software
development on there. Everything works dandy.