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Miles Bader, 04.09.2010 11:34:
Stefan Behnel writes:
[in general -- of course, there are cases where it doesn't matter,
such as very short and simple code]

In general, of course, well written code *is* short and simple.

Sure but note that something that artificially lowers the threshold of
readability for single units of code doesn't tend to actually make the
entirety of the code any simpler, merely to cause the structure to be
pushed to higher levels.

In some cases, this can be good, and encourages useful refactoring and
abstraction.  In other cases, the additional high-level structure is
just noise, and can actually make the program more confusing.

It depends on the problem.

[and in practice of course, a lowered threshold of readability often
_doesn't_ result in shorter functions or anything, merely less readable
functions of the same length -- fortran in any language, etc, etc...]

This discussion is drifting a bit too far into the hand-wavy "what's more general" area for my taste.