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On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 4:17 PM, Jonathan Castello <> wrote:
>>>> Pythonistas are very attached to whitespace as syntax ;)
>>> Readability counts. :)
>> Hmm, not, apparently, with pythonistas...
>> [given that significant whitespace generally makes real programs harder
>> to read]
> I think that's something of a straw man argument. Everyone indents
> their code anyways, or I should hope so at any rate. Unless I'm quite
> wrong, Python just makes consistent indentation a requirement. In this
> regard I'd compare it to Haml's removal of HTML end-tags and reliance
> on indentation.

It's not the presence of indentation that makes it hard to read, it's
the lack of other, more visually concrete, scope delimiters (perhaps I
was unclear, but _significant_ whitespace usually implies the lack of
such delimiters).  Both indentation and delimiters help readability,
and removing either one hurts it.

[in general -- of course, there are cases where it doesn't matter,
such as very short and simple code]


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