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- I don't know anyone who doesn't use 'continue', at least from time to time. - It doesn't break anything, aside from introducing a new key word. Existing code will work. The repeat..until issue can be handled during file parsing and reported as a bug, naturally.

I can't agree that position of Lua Team is conservative. The features already included in Lua 5.2 aren't of conservative kind and are quite questionable.

On 31.01.2010 20:15, Alexander Gladysh wrote:
Inclusion by "popular request" is not the same as inclusion by "me
too" count threshold.

I believe that providing good arguments for your position has much
better potential.

However, I'm starting to speak for the Lua Team. Sorry, I shouldn't.

I believe that Lua Team position on "popular requests" and new
language features was stated many times on this list and elsewhere. It
is very conservative, and that is good.



Best regards,
Sergey Rozhenko