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>> >> +1, please add "continue" :)

>> >> <Snip, +1s>

>> > Aye, +1 here too, continue would be very nice to have.

>> One of coolest things about Lua is that (to the best of my knowledge)
>> it never was designed by public voting.

> True, true, but seeing a bitlib being included (by popular request?) I
> thought: why not give 'continue' a try as well :)

Inclusion by "popular request" is not the same as inclusion by "me
too" count threshold.

I believe that providing good arguments for your position has much
better potential.

However, I'm starting to speak for the Lua Team. Sorry, I shouldn't.

I believe that Lua Team position on "popular requests" and new
language features was stated many times on this list and elsewhere. It
is very conservative, and that is good.