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Aaron Saarela escribió:
> Hi Roger,
> The SWIG generated wrapper is expecting the following arguments:
>     Arg1 - the SWIG generated object pointer
>     Arg2 - an int (int i)
>     Arg3 - an int (int d)
> GameEntity.stSTR is no longer bound and so resolves to nil. Thus, arg2 is nil
> and you get the error you reported. See where you used to bind this value and
> see what's changed.
Right, thats the problem. I removed an stat (not specifically
GameEntity.stSTR, but another) and still was referring it in the scripts.

Roger D. Vargas
Gentoo Linux 2008.0
Using Gentoo Linux 2008.0, Ogre 1.6.2, fglrx
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