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I have a weird error in code generated by swig. Here is the .i file:

%module GameEntity
%include <std_string.i>
%include <../include/GameEntity.h>
#include "GameEntity.h"

This is the class:

class BaseStats {
        int stats[stLUCK];
        //int  &operator[]  ( int index) {return stats[index];};
        int __getitem__(int i)  const ; // i is the index, returns the data
        void __setitem__(int i,int d) {stats[i]=d;}; // i is the index,
d is the data

So, from lua scripts I can do:


Until a few days this was working fine, but now  Im getting an error:
Error in __setitem__ (arg 2), expected 'int' got 'nil'
i really have no idea about what did I change to produce this. As I
said, this worked perfectly, until last week, and I didnt touched the
related code, so I guess I have a problem in some place, but I have no
idea about where to search. Can somebody suggest me something?

Roger D. Vargas
Gentoo Linux 2008.0
Using Gentoo Linux 2008.0, Ogre 1.6.2, fglrx
Powered by Core 2 E4500 2.2GHz, 2Gb RAM, Radeon HD4770, The news for game programming newbies

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